News (Source) January 29, 2015
The tower trick! /P.

Winter trick! (Source) January 29, 2015
Having fun! /P.

Memory from The Party Crasher Tour Zurich April 2009 (Source) January 29, 2015
Hats off! /P.

Old fav! Adam - Men without hats! 2009. (Source) January 29, 2015
Signing spree in 2009! /P.

Old fav from Warszaw - PC Tour 2009 (Source) January 28, 2015
It's never too late! /P.

Nu är det dags att tänka på..... Sanningen. Nu kan jag äntligen visa hur det var innan premiären i Halmstad på förra turnen. Det var nästan myteri i bandet, för helt plötsligt vaknade batteristen i killen som normalt sjunger i vår orkester. Så jag höll på att tappa min plats i rytmsektionen, beviset ser ni här (Source) January 28, 2015
If there's a part one there has to be a part two, right! /P.

Per Gessle - Party Crasher EPK 2009 (Part 2/2)

Electronic Press Kit for Per Gessle's album "Party Crasher" without English subtitles. (Source) January 28, 2015
Badabam! /P.

Per Gessle - Party Crasher EPK 2009 (Part 1/2)

Electronic Press Kit for Per Gessle's album "Party Crasher" without English subtitles. Here's part II: (Source) January 28, 2015
Nice song. /P.

Per Gessle - Sing Along (Party Crasher 2008) Teaser

a short cut from the song played during the interview for the program "They Are Called Artists" shown on SVT1 in Sweden in the beginning of November 2008. (Source) January 27, 2015
Aaah PG vs NH!!! /P.

Per Gessle – the book fair pop quiz sound recording
You surely remember last year's Göteborg Book Fair either you could personally be there or not. On 26th September Per, in between 2 signing sessions, took part in a very entertaining pop quiz that ... (Source) January 25, 2015
Badabam! /P

Per Gessle - Tycker Om När Du Tar På Mej (AGM Studios Live)

Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist, Clarence Öfwerman and Helena Josefsson play live the song Tycker Om När Du Tar På Mej (from the album Mazarin, 2003) in th... (Source) January 24, 2015
I made a demo of this song in October 1986. Did I include that one on The Per Gessle Archives???? Can't remember. Anyway, Anna recorded it. It was the third song she of mine she did. The first one was "30 skäl". The second one "Varje gång". /P.

Anna- Jag tror att jag älskar

Studio-musikvideo-typ som va rätt vanlig på 80-talet och gjordes endast för Promotion Anna-Carin Larsson heter hon på riktigt (Source) January 23, 2015
Hurra vad bra! Totte Wallin! /P.

Roxette wishing happy b-day - (Source) January 23, 2015

Foton från tidslinjen
From now on, the name of the real #PerGessle's FB site is @[364652802798:274:Per Gessle] instead of PER GESSLE OFFICIAL. Just in case you haven't seen it yet. ;) /PP (Source) January 15, 2015
Oh yea! /P.

Gyllene Tider - I'm a Believer (live 1985)

Live on En gång på 60-talet. For more info: (Source) January 15, 2015

Per Gessle - Sommartider -

Badrock, Öland 1987 (Source) January 13, 2015

Foton från tidslinjen
BIRTHDAY UPDATE: In the studio. Of course. Thanx a million for all your kind words. Lots of love from P. (Source) January 10, 2015

1997 - Per Gessle - Kix (Album uncensored version) (Source) January 10, 2015

New from the Per Gessle Selection
On December 1 three new wines in The Per Gessle Selection were made available to the public; The Pleaser (308 SEK - 32€,) The Convincer (325 SEK - 38€) and The Improver (599 SEK - 63€.) (Source) January 10, 2015

1997 - Per Gessle - I want you to know (Source) January 10, 2015
Looking good! /P.

Foton på Roxette
The Roxette Demos! Vol. 5 Vinyl - just fantastic ;-) greetings from Switzerland (Source) January 8, 2015
From RoxetteBlog: Next time you stay at Hotel Tylösand you may be sleeping on Carpe Diem beds (comfy!) and new designed rooms. Åsa has been in charge of the interior design, as she has done with the new Leif's Bar & Grill If the rooms are as half as nice as the ones on the new building then you are in for a treat! /J

100 hotellrum i ny design av Åsa Gessle
Knappt hade nyårsaftonens champagnekorkar hunnit smälla klart, förrän den nya designen av totalt 100 hotellrum presenterades på Hotel Tylösand den 1 januari... (Source) January 5, 2015
Yummy! /P.

hoteltylosand's photo on Instagram (Source) January 4, 2015
Aaah - the hairdos in the 80's! /P.

PER GESSLE - VÄNTAT SÅ LÄNGE (subtitulado al español) (1986) (Source) January 4, 2015
Late xmas look! /P.

The xmas look! (Source) January 3, 2015
Last day of the vacation tomorrow. Back to life. /P. (Source) January 3, 2015
Great single!!!! Nisse wrote Flowers on the moon. Brilliant song! /P.

Med Erika Ramirez Gessle. (Source) January 2, 2015
Fresh updated version on Spotify now! /P.

Leggy pix XXX-music!
Leggy pix XXX-music!, a playlist by aevensso on Spotify
The XXX list! November 1, 2014

Here’s the XXX List! #roxxxette

But if you don’t do Spotify, here are the 100 tracks!

Paul Revere & the Raiders – Kicks
David Bowie – Let’s dance
John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane
Donkeyboy – Crazysomethingnormal
Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee
Betty Everett – The shoop shoop song (It’s in his kiss)
Nick Lowe – American squirm
Air – Sexy boy
Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness
Tom Petty – You got lucky
The Who – Substitute
The Trashmen – Surfin’ bird
The Rolling Stones – Gimme shelter
Alma Cogan – Tennesse waltz
Meghan Trainor – All about that bass
Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to love
Shocking Blue – Send me a postcard
Dusty Springfield – Son of a preacher man
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence
The Who – Pictures of Lily
Kirsty MacColl – Days
Ramones – I wanna be sedated
The Beach Boys – Good vibrations
Tom Petty – Learning to fly
Gilbert O’Sullivan – Nothing rhymed
Paul Revere & the Raiders – I’m not your stepping stone
Blondie – Hanging on the telephone
Linnea Henriksson – Halmstad
The Byrds – Mr. Tambourine man
The Ronettes – Be my baby
Canned Heat – Going up the country
Tove Lo – My gun
Bee Gees – Stayin’ alive
Gloria Jones – Tainted love
Kim Wilde – Kids in America
The Supremes – You keep me hanging on
The Rolling Stones – Paint it black
The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice
Etta James – Something’s got a hold on me
The Zombies – She’s not there
Nick Lowe – I love the sound of breaking glass
Fleetwood Mac – Go your own way
Isaac Hayes – Shaft
Ian Dury – Hit me with your rhythm stick
The Flower Pot Men – Let’s go to San Francisco
The Kinks – Lola
The Lovin’ Spoonful – Daydream
David Bowie – Boys keep swinging
The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a friend
The Human League – Don’t you want me
Shania Twain – That don’t impress me much
Paul Revere & the Raiders – Him or me – what’s it gonna be?
Daft Punk – Get lucky
REM – What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
Chic – Le freak
Baccara – Yes sir, I can boogie
The Mamas & The Papas – California dreamin’
Nick Lowe – Marie Provost
Hot Chocolate – Brother Louie
Lily Wood and The Prick – Prayer in C
David Bowie – Sorrow
REM – Shiny happy people
The Rolling Stones – Dead flowers
Marc Bolan, T-Rex – 20th century boy
Shocking Blue – Venus
Madonna – Material girl
The Allman Brothers – Midnight rider
Four Tops – Walk away Renee
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Los Bravos – Black is black
Ramones – Beat on the brat
The Beach Boys – I get around
Buzzcocks – Ever fallen in love (With someone you shouldn’t)
Tom Petty – Refugee
The Who – Happy Jack
Four Tops – Bernadette
Shelia B. Devotion – Spacer
Canned Heat – On the road again
Dwight Tilley – Girls
Tom Petty – Too good to be true
Iggy Pop – Real wild child (Wild one)
Kristy MacColl – There’s a guy works done the chip shop swears he’s Elvis
The Supremes – Stop! In the name of love
T.Rex – Get it on
Christie – Yellow river
The Zombies – Time of the season
John Mellencamp – Small town
The Kinks – Set me free
Cher – Bang bang (My baby shot me down)
Mick Ronson – Billy Porter
Them – Gloria
The Move – Blackberry way
Mose Allison – Young man’s blues
Lobo – Me and you and a dog named boo
Fleetwood Mac – Never going back again
Hot Chocolate – Emma
Four Tops – Reach out I’ll be there
REM – Man on the moon
The Archies – Sugar, sugar
Elvis – Hound dog

MONDAY UPDATE: October 20, 2014

A.i.r.p.o.r.t. + 8 days to go until the Rox opening show in Vladivostok. Do you know anyone who’s going? I’ll be there! /P.

FRIDAY UPDATE: October 17, 2014

Last day of Rox in rehearsal mode. Sounded good. Tomorrow = Dress Rehearsal! Always scary…… /P.


Great day today, the band sounds awesome and the new guitarpicks arrived. Praise the Lord! /P.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: October 15, 2014

Lots of Rox rehearsing to do today! Shouldn’t be on the computer at all!


CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO, FOLKS!!!!! September 22, 2014

Enjoy these two master blasters! /P.

ATTENTION PLEASE! September 22, 2014

Tomorrow is the last day to pre-order signed copies of THE BOX OF THE YEAR!! Check out the website!!!

Sunday update September 21, 2014

Back at the Chateau T&A with MP. Just had to record some more…. /P

Signing and signing… September 20, 2014
Most important! September 18, 2014
1,000 copies?! September 9, 2014


Just heard I’m going to sign AT LEAST 1000 copies of THE PER GESSLE ARCHIVES-BOX. Phew!!
I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it!!!
There’s still time to order your signed copy, dears!
Check out the homepage:
The Per Gessle Archives


INGEN KLUNK! September 6, 2014


Tyvärr blev det ingen Klunk på Systemet pga problem med rätten till namnet. Nu kommer dock de ädla dryckerna att heta det fabulösa och lätt självklara namnet FRU NORDIN istället.
Det fanns ju en låt på EN HÄNDIG MAN-plattan som hette så, remember? Nu är hon igång igen och bjussar på sej själv via denna goda alkoholfria dryck.
FRU NORDIN VITT släpps på Systemet den 1 oktober. Och har vi lite tur så kommer den att finnas på lite olika ICA Maxi ställen i Sverige inom kort också. FRU NORDIN ROSÉ och FRU NORDIN SKUMPA ligger på lur. Stay tuned, folks! /P.

The Per Gessle Archives is live! September 3, 2014


On this brand new site Per Gessle Archives you can get all the info you want and possibly can handle regarding… the Archives! Volumes 3 & 4 are now out.

THE LP is done!!! And it smells good! August 12, 2014

The Roxette Demos, vol. 5 – VINYL

S I D E 1 :
1. Crush On You (T&A Demo – Jul 30, 1998)
2. Anyone/I Love How You Love Me (T&A Demo – Jul 26, 1998)
3. The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain)(T&A Demo – Oct 2, 1997)
4. One Wish (T&A Demo – May 20, 2006)
5. Fool (T&A Demo – Dec 27, 1999)
6. Staring At The Ground (T&A Demo – Aug 29, 1997)

S I D E 2 :
7. Come Back (Before You Leave) (T&A Demo – April 4, 1990)
8. (I Could Never) Give You Up (T&A Demo – Dec 18, 1987)
9. Dangerous (T&A Demo – Feb 11, 1987)
10. The Heart Shaped Sea #2 (T&A Demo – May, 1991)
11. Joyrider (T&A Demo – May 22, 1990)
12. Dansar nerför ditt stup i rekordfart (Soul Deep) (T&A Demo – May 7, 1986)