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Have you heard this one? i wrote the lyrics and the melody. Helena is singing. Sounds terrific in my living room. /P.

Kill FM ft. Helena J - Don't Go Dark (Original Mix)

Kill FM ft. Helena J - Don't Go Dark (Original Mix) is out now! Download on Beatport HERE : Subscribe to Spinnin' TV NOW : http://bit... (Source) October 21, 2014
Elvis in Germany! /P. (Source) October 21, 2014

Renowned for Sound | Album Review: The Per Gessle Archives – A Lifetime of Songwriting (Box Set)
Per Gessle is one of music’s most established and iconic hitmakers. Over the course of his almost 40 years in music, the musician has written hundreds of songs that have been spread over numerous projects including his first successful band, Gyllene Tider, who he continues to record and tour with af… (Source) October 20, 2014
The very striped shirt era! /P.

Foton på Roxette Official
<3 (Source) October 20, 2014
Pic by Henry Diltz in L.A. /P.

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MONDAY UPDATE: October 20, 2014

A.i.r.p.o.r.t. + 8 days to go until the Rox opening show in Vladivostok. Do you know anyone who’s going? I’ll be there! /P. (Source) October 19, 2014

Interview with Per Gessle: "I wanted the books to show who I am, my style, my drawings, my silly...
We had the chance to ask Per Gessle some questions about the books ("Texter, klotter & funderingar" and "Songs, Sketches & Reflections"), so we went through the books and thought of some de... (Source) October 19, 2014
Nice. Thanks. /P.

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Today I listened to all the CDs and read the booklet. Amazing work. Great history (so far). The whole box is very beautiful. Thank you very much indeed, Mr.Gessle. You're the best!!! #ThePerGessleArchives (Source) October 19, 2014

Per Gessle - He Ain´t Heavy, He´s My Brother

Listen in Spotify: Official Facebook: Roxette Official Facebok: (Source) October 17, 2014
NIce collection, Leo! Cheers. /P.

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Thank you so much for this... I'm very very very happy! The swedish book is on the way! Hugs from BRAZIL! — med Christoffer Lundquist och 4 andra. (Source) October 17, 2014

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Some of the new Autumn 2014 tour gtr pix! Enjoy. /P.
FRIDAY UPDATE: October 17, 2014

Last day of Rox in rehearsal mode. Sounded good. Tomorrow = Dress Rehearsal! Always scary…… /P. (Source) October 17, 2014

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One can always count on Hallandsposten. Thanx for being the first in Sweden to report about #PerGessle's & MP's London trip the other day! :) /PP (Source) October 17, 2014

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Sooo, it seems both Ginza and Bengans got a specially signed @[1570463889846127:274:The Per Gessle Archives] box! Karol was the lucky fan who ordered from Bengans and got a "Hello!" from Mr G! Congrats! :) Maybe there is more? /PP Here is the other special one (Ginza order) we posted earlier:

Great day today, the band sounds awesome and the new guitarpicks arrived. Praise the Lord! /P. (Source) October 16, 2014

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Per Gessle Interviewed at the 2014 BMI London Awards

Broadcast Music, Inc. honored internationally-celebrated lyricist Sir Tim Rice as a BMI Icon at the 2014 BMI London Awards. In addition, music industry guest... (Source) October 15, 2014
The Party Crasher TV Combo! /P.

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Gentlemen ! (Source) October 15, 2014

Sir Tim Rice and Top Songwriters Honored at 2014 BMI London Awards
Broadcast Music, Inc. tonight honored internationally-celebrated lyricist Sir Tim Rice as a BMI Icon at the 2014 BMI London Awards. In addition, music industry guests including Van Morrison, Ray Davies, Don Black and Johnny Quinn (Snow Patrol,) filled London’s Dorchester Hotel to celebrate the U.K.,…
WEDNESDAY UPDATE: October 15, 2014

Lots of Rox rehearsing to do today! Shouldn’t be on the computer at all!

/P. (Source) October 15, 2014

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THE OFFICIAL BMI AWARD PIC. From left to right: Phil from BMI - Your humble host + The Original EmmePee + Lena from Jimmy Fun + Brandon from BMI. All looking pretty intelligent into the hidden camera just above Van Morrison's head. /P. (Source) October 15, 2014

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So, the happy marriage of the #PerGessle books still fits. The cover changed a bit versus what we could see for the first time, but fortunately, the concept stayed the same. Lookin' cool! /PP You can still pre-order your signed copies until 15th September at Bengans: The book pics are from the publishing company's website (Roos & Tegnér). (Source) October 15, 2014
Aaah the mesmerizing scent of medals! /P. (Source) October 14, 2014
BMI Awards in London. Badabam! /P. (Source) October 14, 2014

Per Gessle and MP at the BMI Awards
The 2014 BMI London Awards took place at the Dorchester Hotel (Park Lane) tonight. The invitation-only gala recognizes the UK and European songwriters and publishers of the past year’s most-played ... (Source) October 13, 2014

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LONDON TODAY: MP and me are getting BMI Awards for 5.000.000 million airplays in the US for LISTEN TO YOUR HIPS and I'm getting a similiar one for IT MUST HAVE BEEN LUNCH. Could be a swell evening! /P. (Source) October 12, 2014
SATURDAY UPDATE: Big fan I am. So pleased to take a selfie with the missus + Jeff Koons! /P. (Source) October 10, 2014
Sing along on Swedish TV in 2009! /P.

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Jan-Olof Fritze taking a photo of Henry Diltz, Terry O'Neill, Åsa and myself while I'm trying to take a selfie. Aaah that exercise! /P. (Source) October 8, 2014
Game, set + match! /P.

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Tennis with the champ. (Source) October 7, 2014
BRAND NEW SITE! Check it out and let me know what you think! /P.

Official website of Per Gessle | Login (Source) October 7, 2014
1977? /P.

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Roxette Official

TUESDAY UPDATE: Tres Hombres Art (you know us, don't you?) are having a brilliant Terry O'Neill opening tonight at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm. Terry's there. Me too. /P.
CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO, FOLKS!!!!! September 22, 2014

Enjoy these two master blasters! /P.

ATTENTION PLEASE! September 22, 2014

Tomorrow is the last day to pre-order signed copies of THE BOX OF THE YEAR!! Check out the website!!!

Sunday update September 21, 2014

Back at the Chateau T&A with MP. Just had to record some more…. /P

Signing and signing… September 20, 2014
Most important! September 18, 2014
1,000 copies?! September 9, 2014


Just heard I’m going to sign AT LEAST 1000 copies of THE PER GESSLE ARCHIVES-BOX. Phew!!
I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it!!!
There’s still time to order your signed copy, dears!
Check out the homepage:
The Per Gessle Archives


INGEN KLUNK! September 6, 2014


Tyvärr blev det ingen Klunk på Systemet pga problem med rätten till namnet. Nu kommer dock de ädla dryckerna att heta det fabulösa och lätt självklara namnet FRU NORDIN istället.
Det fanns ju en låt på EN HÄNDIG MAN-plattan som hette så, remember? Nu är hon igång igen och bjussar på sej själv via denna goda alkoholfria dryck.
FRU NORDIN VITT släpps på Systemet den 1 oktober. Och har vi lite tur så kommer den att finnas på lite olika ICA Maxi ställen i Sverige inom kort också. FRU NORDIN ROSÉ och FRU NORDIN SKUMPA ligger på lur. Stay tuned, folks! /P.

The Per Gessle Archives is live! September 3, 2014


On this brand new site Per Gessle Archives you can get all the info you want and possibly can handle regarding… the Archives! Volumes 3 & 4 are now out.

THE LP is done!!! And it smells good! August 12, 2014

The Roxette Demos, vol. 5 – VINYL

S I D E 1 :
1. Crush On You (T&A Demo – Jul 30, 1998)
2. Anyone/I Love How You Love Me (T&A Demo – Jul 26, 1998)
3. The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain)(T&A Demo – Oct 2, 1997)
4. One Wish (T&A Demo – May 20, 2006)
5. Fool (T&A Demo – Dec 27, 1999)
6. Staring At The Ground (T&A Demo – Aug 29, 1997)

S I D E 2 :
7. Come Back (Before You Leave) (T&A Demo – April 4, 1990)
8. (I Could Never) Give You Up (T&A Demo – Dec 18, 1987)
9. Dangerous (T&A Demo – Feb 11, 1987)
10. The Heart Shaped Sea #2 (T&A Demo – May, 1991)
11. Joyrider (T&A Demo – May 22, 1990)
12. Dansar nerför ditt stup i rekordfart (Soul Deep) (T&A Demo – May 7, 1986)