Per in a duet with Molly Hammar

“Beredd” is the first taste from Per’s upcoming album Sällskapssjuk – his first with new material in Swedish in seven years.

The album was recorded in Halmstad and mostly consists of duets with a number of brilliant singers and artists.

– Somehow it seems to be my destiny ever since Marie Fredriksson and I started working together in Roxette – my songs always get a little better when another strong personality comes into the picture and adds their unique thing, smiles Per.

On “Beredd” it’s Molly Hammar and Per who get together at the microphone – in a way that makes the creator slightly lyrical.

– Molly is one of my absolute favorite singers. She has that magical power that makes you can’t stop listening to her. I’m so proud that she wanted to join.

– When Per called and asked if I wanted to do “Beredd” with him, I felt very honored, and it was obvious for me to do it. It’s a cross-generational song in many ways as I relate to it on many levels as I think others will, and when Per Gessle calls there is no other answer than yes.

The recording was almost impertinentely easy. Molly came down to the Sweetspot studio in Harplinge outside Halmstad, took a microphone, sat down on a couch, and did some testing.

– After the second take, it was a done deal – as clear as crystal, says Per.

Sällskapssjuk is a very exciting album and project for me. It is a wonderful challenge both as a songwriter and a producer to try to put together the puzzle of different voices and talents. The Molly song is first out. More to come.

“Beredd” with Per and Molly will be released on February 23.