Demon Emptiness

Think about you
Think about me
And the way that things are going
And the way it used to be
It used to be me
Yes, it used to be me
But I don’t know anymore
who’s got your precious key

Oh Sweet tenderness
in the middle of the night
when i need it
you show me Demon Emptiness
when I want to give you my love

I know a heart
that’s trying to keep
and hold on to those moments
when it feels like a fantasy

When it used to be me
and it used to be you
but then, I guess, there were winter
out of the blue

Oh Sweet tenderness…

One part of me
just can’t go on
The other one
is in love…

Oh Sweet tenderness…

© Musik: Per Gessle och Mats MP Persson / Jimmy Fun Music