Baladas en Español (CD)

Catalogue 8544142
Label: EMI

01. Un Dia Sin Ti (Spending My Time)
02. Crash!BoomBang!
03. Directamente a Ti (Run to You)
04. No Se Si Es Amor (It Must Have Been Love)
05. Cuanto Lo Siento (I’m Sorry)
06. Timida (Vulnerable)
07. Habla El Corazon (Listen to Your Heart)
08. Como La Lluvia En El Cristal (Watercolours in the Rain)
09. Soy Una Mujer (Fading Like a Flower [Ever Time You Leave])
10. Quiero Ser Como Tu (I Don’t Want to Get Hurt)
11. Una Reina Va Detras De Un Rey (Queen of Rain)
12. El Dia Del Amor (Perfect Day)

Roxette’s best loved ballads, in Spanish. Did quite well considering neither Per nor Marie speak Spanish. They figured if ABBA could do it, so could they. They caught a lot of flak for the poorly translated lyrics.