Joyride (2009 version) (CD)

Catalogue 509996871172
Label: Capitol Records

01. Joyride
02. Hotblooded
03. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
04. Knockin’ on Every Door
05. Spending My Time
06. I Remember You
07. Watercolours in the Rain
08. The Big L.
09. Soul Deep
10. (Do You Get) Excited?
11. Church of Your Heart
12. Small Talk
13. Physical Fascination
14. Things Will Never be the Same
15. Perfect Day


1. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye B-side “Spending My Time”
2. Love spins (demo) RoxBox
3. Seduce me (demo) B-side “June Afternoon”


1. Come back (before you leave) (demo) B-side “Church of Your Heart”
2. Joyride (US single version, mix by Brain Malouf) A-side USA
3. Fading like a flower (US single version, mix by Humberto Gatica) US radio single