Look Sharp! (2009 version) (CD) Release date: September 28th, 2009

Catalogue 509996871162
Label: Capitol Records

01. The Look
02. Dressed for Success
03. Sleeping Single
04. Paint
05. Dance Away
06. Cry
07. Chances
08. Dangerous
09. Half a Woman, Half a Shadow
10. View from a Hill
11. (I Could Never) Give You Up
12. Shadow of a Doubt
13. Listen to Your Heart

1. The voice B-side “Dressed for Success”
2. One is such a lonely number B-side “The Big L”
3. Don’t believe in accidents (demo) B-side “Run to You”

iTunes only
1. Cry (demo) RoxBox
2. Dressed for success (US single version, mix by Chris Lord-Alge) A-side US single
3. Listen to your heart (US single version, mix by John Luongo) A-side US single
4. Surrender (live) B-side “Dangerous”
5. Neverending love (live)B-side “Dangerous”