Pearls of Passion (2009 version) (CD)

Catalogue 509996871152
Label: Capitol Records

01. Soul Deep
02. Secrets That She Keeps
03. Goodbye to You
04. I Call Your Name
05. Surrender
06. Voices
07. Neverending Love
08. Call of the Wild
09. Joy of a Toy
10. From One Heart to Another
11. Like Lovers Do
12. So Far Away


1. Pearls of Passion B-SIDE SOUL DEEP-SINGLE
2. Neverending love (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997
3. Secrets that she keeps (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997

iTunes ONLY

1. I call your name (Montezuma demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997
2. Neverending love (Frank Mono mix) A-SIDE SINGLE
3. I call your name (Frank Mono mix) A-SIDE SINGLE